Customized Heritage Tours

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." (Martin Buber) 


Choose Your Experience

Authentic Europe welcomes the challenge of working

side by side with you to craft your unique experience.

Drawing from our extensive knowledge we will work with you

to make sure your group will have the most enriching,

enjoyable and educational experience possible. 
Ensuring that your trip will fit your budget, interests,

group size and preferences. No matter your groups expectations we

will work tireless to guarantee a successful trip. 
Personalized itineraries, hand picked cities and sites our experts work with you and for you.


Heritage Tours

Step inside the communities of the past and see where our Jewish heritage took form. Travel Poland, Germany, Holland, Spain, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia, Belarus, the Former Soviet Union and more. 
Tailored trip itineraries built to encompass special visits and requests, for a richer and more personalized experience. Your group will reconnect with their heritage, walk in the footsteps of their ancestors, visit the synagogues they prayed in, and pay respects at the graves and monuments to the past and with a richer understanding of who they are dream of what their future can hold.




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