“Morocco is a very fine place, spoiled by civilization” (Richard H. Davis)​

Moroccan Magical Mystique Tour​


Highlighted City: Casablanca 

A city rich in history and mystery, today the traditions of Moroccan Jewry can be seen in communities around the world. Historically a vibrant home for Jewish culture and tradition, Morocco's Jewish population at one time exceeded 250,000. Today a shadow of its former self the community never the less still holds an important role in modern Jewish identity. Explore grand synagogues, protected burial sites of great scholars and spiritual leaders for passage into the past of this great home of Jewish culture. Walk the streets of the Habous Quarter in Casablanca and shop at the souks of Marrakech and enjoy the famous Djemaa El Fna, featuring storytellers, acrobats, street theater and more.

Day 1

Visit the Main Synagogue and meet the President of the Jews of Morocco.
See how the Jews used to live, in a Berber village in the Atlas Mountains.
Hear the “Story of the Snake” at the stunning mountain gravesite of Rabbi Shlomo Bel Hence. Explore the souks of Marrakech (yes, shopping time!) and the beautiful 500-year-old shul. 
Enjoy the famous Djemaa El Fna, featuring story tellers, acrobats, snake-charmers and magicians.


Day 2

Visit the largest Jewish community in Morocco. Tour the only Jewish museum in the Islamic world.

Walk through the Habous Quarter in Casablanca – a wonderful mix of French and Moroccan-inspired architecture, complete with numerous things to see – Mohammed V Square, the United Nations Square. Stroll around Casablanca, see the ‘Street of
the Seven Synagogues’ and the famous Bet El Synagogue.
Visit the site of the largest mosque in Africa. Treasure a rare opportunity to meet Moroccan Chief Rabbi Sebbag and local Jewish children.


Day 3

Visit Rabat, political capital of Morocco.
Marvel at its Jewish Quarter and at the mausoleum of Mohammed V, reputed to have saved the Jews of Morocco from the Nazis.
Meknes. Visit one of only seven Jews who live in this special city.


Day 4

Free time in Fes, once home of the Rambam 


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