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Millions of Jewish people from all corners of the world can trace their heritage to the great Jewish communities of Europe. Where for centuries numerous Jewish communities flourished, struggled and shaped traditions that thrive around the world to this day.
Authentic Europe opens the door to the past and relights the flame that was ignited from a time that we shall never forget. Connecting centers of Jewish history and celebrating their vibrant, rich cultural contribution to not just the Jewish world but the undeniable impact on the modern world. 
Authentic Europe's customized tours reveal the richness of Jewish life that enlightened Europe before the Great War. Contextualized with rich educational enhancement each journey shows the central role of Europe's Jewish communities. 
Authentic Europe unearths the connections of Jewish heritage from a time we shall never forget to what is seen in Jewish communities around the world today.  
Authentic Europe is proud to aid in fulfilling our greatest responsibility, providing a deeper and richer understanding of Jewish Heritage.


Authentic Europe
Our passion comes from the dream of guiding a truly life changing Jewish educational experience for all our participants. We believe in customizing your journey for the greatest impact whether it is student group, community excursion or a personal interest to discover European Jewry. We have made it our purpose to create the path that allows all to have the opportunity to encounter their unique heritage. 
Our parent company Tlalim Group believes in the principle that with the knowledge of ones past it can provide the strength to walk forward in life with pride and purpose for a better more informed Jewish future.    
To understand where we must go we have to understand where we have been. By walking 
in the footsteps of our ancestors who shaped our history we celebrate their contribution and sacrifice. With this knowledge we can inspire and instruct our communities and future generations.




Our Commitment to You


 The process of crafting your personalized trip is safely in the hands of our experienced Program Managers. After listening to your needs and requests, a Program Manager will put together and manage your entire tour from A-Z. We are available to answer any questions and address any issues you may have before, during and after your trip.  Our team will make all of your bookings, reservations and travel arrangements. Throughout the entire process you are updated while our experienced staff coordinates everything to ensure the trip is nothing short of a success.
The responsibility of all of the logistics is for us, so that you can concentrate on your upcoming trip!


 Your safety is our highest concern. We take all security precautions to protect your group and property. From the trip planning stages until you return home safely, we will do everything to ensure your group’s safety and security.


 We have spent over 35 years building relationships with local vendors, negotiating to get the best deals and choice opportunities for our guests. No hidden costs. You'll have access to exclusive experiences at unbeatable prices that only Authentic Europe can guarantee.

We have spent decades cultivating the right local experts to ensure no hidden gem is out of your reach. Our expert tour guides and educators will provide you with exactly what you want no matter what your educational needs are. Full knowledge of the newest attractions as well as hard to travel off-road and little-known sites, your trip will be an all encompassing experience. Providing greater content and context: connecting you to a tangible history.

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