“No offense against the moral order was too trivial to escape the attention of the Spanish     Inquisition” (Jonathan Kirsch)

Viva Espana! Exploring Jewish Spain​


Highlighted City: Barcelona, Madrid, Cordoba…No city can be missed!

The Jewish history of Spain is rich and stretches throughout the land. Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Segovia and Cordoba no city can be missed! Come see the birthplace of Sephardi Jewish tradition and the land that served as the home of one of the greatest minds of Jewish thought, Maimonides. Spain's Jewish history includes, the Marranos, Don Isaac Abarbanel and continues with a list of legendary Sephardi leaders. Discover the ancient synagogue of Cordoba and experience the limitless skill of Spanish football (soccer) and world famous beaches. Spain offers something for every travel itinerary one can imagine.

Day 1

Let us start with a panoramic tour of Madrid, including Paseo de la Castellana, Cibeles Square

and Neptune Square.
We will then continue to the city of Toledo, the Jerusalem of Spain, where we will visit
Zocodover, the Market Square, synagogues and the Sephardic Jewish Museum.


Day 2

In the morning we will drive to Segovia, see the ancient Roman aqueduct and continue to the Jewish Quarter, the Great Synagogue of Segovia, and the Shabbat Promenade.
Selfies at Alcazar, palace of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella.
Participate in a workshop about leadership, inspired by Abraham Senior and Don Isaac Abarbanel, who led the Jewish community at the time of the expulsion of the Jews from Spain. Explore Hervas, a village where some of the inhabitants are direct descendants of the Marranos, accompanied by a band playing Spanish Jewish music (Ladino songs).


Day 3

Experience Caceres, the best preserved medieval city in Europe, including its historic Jewish Quarter.


Day 4

Tour famous Cordoba, with its Mosque Cathedral, a masterpiece of Islamic architecture.
We will continue to the Jewish Quarter – Yehuda Halevi Square, Tiberias Square, the sculpture 
of Maimonides, and the ancient synagogue of Cordoba.    
Casa Sefarad, located in front of the synagogue, relates the intriguing story of
the Jews of Cordoba and the Spanish Jewish community.


Day 5

Granada is the capital of the province of the same name. Located at the foot of Sierra Nevada in the Iberian Peninsula. It boasts some of the biggest cultural heritages in the country including the Alhambra Palace.
Once there we will visit the Ambassador Hall, where the Edict of Expulsion of the Jews from Spain was signed.
And on to Sevilla, where we will spend Shabbat with the small Jewish community.


Day 6

Shabbat Program
Visit the Royal Alcazares, built in the 11th century and the Santa Cruz neighborhood containing the old Jewish Quarter of Seville (you probably won’t find the Barber there…)



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