Czech Republic / Prague

“The way you greet someone determines how he will welcome you” (Hungarian proverb)​

City of a Hundred (In) Spires



Highlighted City: Prague

The history of the Jewish people in Prague is a powerful account of Jewish leadership, wealth and scholarship. In the 16th century this city was home to the Maharal (the Rabbi of Prague) a commanding and honored voice of Jewish thought and leadership that inspires to this day. A towering statue in his honor is proudly on display at the New City Hall. Prague has long been revered as a corner stone of Ashkenazi tradition and thought. Thought of by many as one of Europe's most colorful and beautiful cities boasting rich architecture and culture. In addition to its rich Jewish history Prague is a city not to be missed by anyone.

Day 1

Citadel, Statue of Liberty (not the Statue of Liberty!) and City Panorama.
Visit the Dohany Synagogue, Jewish Museum, Memorial Garden, Orthodox Synagogue.
See the remains of the Ghetto Wall Memorial at Kiraly Street. 
The Jewish population of Budapest was reduced from 200,000 to 70,000 in the ghetto, and about 20,000 were housed in specially marked houses outside the ghetto, having been granted diplomatic protection by neutral politicians, like Raoul

Wallenberg and Carl Lutz.
Relax with a magical tour of Budapest at night: Royal Palace, Fishermen’s Bastion, ‘Judengasse’ 
(Jewish Alley) of medieval Buda.


Day 2

Andrassy Avenue - A World Heritage Site, built in 1872 and completed in 1885, then considered a masterpiece of city planning. 
Lucky for you though, it has become increasingly chic, attracting some of the world’s leading designers. Not to mention the restaurants and cafés along the way...
Holocaust Museum 
Shoes on the Danube Bank - One of the most moving Holocaust memorials in the world. 
Glass House - A building used by Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz to help Jews during the Holocaust.


Day 3

Shabbat program
Danube Cruise
Varosliget – lake and castle


Day 4

Szentendre – small synagogue, Micro Art Exhibition, and a picturesque Hungarian village. Bobsledding at Visegrad – something a little lighter, and a lot of fun, summer or winter!Farewell to Budapest: Obuda – the synagogue that became a TV studio and then a synagogue again.


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