Adrian Simons

CEO, Authentic Europe, Partner, Tlalim Group


Adrian has been involved in Jewish tourism for nearly 30 years, first at the Jewish Agency and then Tlalim, before founding Authentic Europe as a subsidiary of Tlalim. He launched Authentic Europe because he believes that understanding the past can significantly impact young lives. He lives in Modi’in with his wife Esther, five children and some cute little grandchildren.

Boruch Cohen

Sales Manager/ North America


Boruch is passionate about providing great content to touch hearts, minds and souls. He runs a corporate events and educational travel company in Brooklyn, NY, which works exclusively with Authentic Europe and Authentic Israel. A former director of National Jewish Retreat, Land & Spirit Israel Experience and various projects at the Jewish Learning Institute, Boruch has led and planned hundreds of trips across Europe and Israel.

Erez Yakar

Sales Representative/ North America 


Born in Tel Aviv, Erez served in the Israeli Air Force, studied Sociology and Education at Tel Aviv University and Senior Hotel Management at the Technion, while working as Regional Director for the Israel Scouts Federation. He has a diploma in domestic tourism and a Master's from Farleigh Dickinson University. Erez lives in New Jersey with his wife and two sons.

ryan rakover

Group Operator


Ryan grew up in Hong Kong, before returning to New York to finish high school and then onto Chicago where he earned a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ryan made Aliyah in 2009. Travel has always been a large part of his life and he has been all over South East Asia, Europe and Latin America: 
“Exposure to other cultures allows us to open our eyes to the differences and beauty that exist all over the world.” Ryan passionately believes that understanding one’s history is crucial to maximizing one’s future.


Our Guides​

David Behrman

From Sunderland, UK, David has been a guide in Poland for Camp Ramah since 1997, and has guided groups such as March of the living and Habad and many schools.

Miriam Tekuzener

Miriam guides trips in Israel and Poland since 2006.

Miriam believes that Educational trips reminds us of our past and its the way to ensure a stronger future.

Jonathan Duitch

Leading trips to Poland since 1994, Jonathan believes the Poland Experience can be a dramatic factor in reconnecting to one's Judaism and roots.


Dima Gohshtet

Dima, born in the former USSR  lives in Netanya. He loves the moment on a trip when individuals bond into a group. In his free time, Dima likes to  go to the beach.

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